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       Our Residents Say…

“Prompt responses to calls, maintenance requests are a snap, friendly staff and they even love my dog.  An amazing group of people running a fantastic set of properties.”
Kerry W. – Current Resident

“All of the Ardmore-Winthrop buildings reflect the immense pride they take in their company as they are all neat and well kept by an outstanding staff. Maintenance requests are handled promptly and professionally given the years of knowledge and experience their maintenance staff has.”
Chris B. – Current Resident

“The building is charming, well-kept and affordable. The office staff who work downstairs have been so helpful and accommodating – something of utmost importance for a woman living alone. The cleaning staff always seem to be bustling about tidying but are never too busy to say hello.  Sometimes, it’s the small things that make it feel like home, like how they decorate the lobbies for holidays and leave candy out for Valentine’s Day and Easter.”
Amanda C. – Former Resident

“Ardmore Winthrop is as prompt, attentive, and friendly as they were three years ago when I moved here. Anyone looking to rent in Edgewater would not go wrong with them!  If I ever find myself wanting to move back to the area, I already know who I’m calling.”
Iman W. – Former Resident

“Everyone that comes visits me loves my space for the money. All utilities are included in my unit, which is a plus. I have lived in many apartments for rent before and this is the best management yet! I really enjoy living in Ardmore Winthrop properties and would have it no other way in Chicago.”
Sharee M. – Former Resident

“AWP is honest, attentive, friendly and professional.  The buildings are well-kept and affordable.  The staff is accommodating.  I would and have recommend these guys to anyone looking for a place in Edgewater.”
Eliot J. – Former Resident

“The management is amazing, organized, and very helpful. If there is ever a problem (which is rare) they respond quickly and in a friendly manner. The maintenance crew goes above and beyond what is expected and I absolutely love this place! I highly recommend it!”
Lindsey S. – Current Resident

“I rented an apartment managed by Ardmore Winthrop Properties four years ago and haven’t left since. The building is nice and clean and our building maintenance staff puts out decorations and candy for holidays. Maintenance issues are always taken care of and management is very helpful and concerned about their tenants. They even send you Christmas cards! I really have no complaints – I highly recommend AWP.”
Shanni J. – Current Resident

“I lived in two of Ardmore Winthrop’s many properties over the past two years.  I loved both very much, and miss living there!  Most apartments have the utilities included which helps a lot!  The maintenance crew is always friendly and helps resolve any issues as soon as they can.”
April M. – Former Resident

“Ardmore/Winthrop in Edgewater has been a wonderful experience for me as someone coming into the city as a first time renter.  They sent me a Birthday and Christmas card.  The staff is just a pleasure to work with.  Maintenance is on point whenever you need something and they are always around and take pride in keeping you happy.”
Zachary W. – Former Resident

“The management is always friendly and helpful. Whenever I have a question or concern they have always been more than helpful.  They put up decorations for various holidays throughout the year and it’s really awesome. It is things like that that really make it feel like home.”
Meghan M. – Current Resident

“I’ve lived in 4 different Chicago apartments, all under different management companies.  AWP was *by far* the best!  Even the maintenance staff was on top of their game.  I needed to move closer to the city for work, but if AWP had buildings in Lincoln Park or Lakeview, I would absolutely work with them again!!”
Lindsay R. – Former Resident

“The maintenance staff is quick to fix any problems you have.  The apartments are clean and best of all the normal utilities (electricity, gas etc.) are included in your rent.”
Brandi S. – Former Resident

“Not only does Ardmore Winthrop have beautiful apartments, but the management company is fantastic. They couldn’t be more friendly. It’s obvious they take great care and pride in their buildings. They are very responsive to tenants’ needs.
Dee P. – Former Resident